might rock the bangs again, but only if they'll look like this.

Wispy Bangs, not as thick as a full bang but consisting of small strands softly draped across the forehead, drawing attention to the eyes. I want full bangs again

Half-Moon Bangs

Half-Moon Bangs

Half Moon Fringe: 14 Haircut Buzzwords You Need to Know Before Seeing Your Stylist

like this shape. long on the ends, shorter in the middle

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The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - AT-HOME BANG TRIM (IF YOU MUST!)


DIY bang trim // via The Beauty Dept. can't decide if I want to trim my bangs or let them grow!

Half moon bangs

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Do I want to try half moon bangs? I'm sure if I actually got them cut properly I might like them.