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Klein maar fijn: compacte studio met jaloersmakend interieur - Roomed

Style and Create — Do you remember that I mentioned earlier this year that one of my personal favorites from 2015 was the home of Swedish interior stylist Josefin Hååg? Now her lovely, petite m²) apartment is out for sale via Fantastic Frank

greige blog – Page 63 – Greige Design

Contemporary Home Decor Ideas ~ Before & After: a Victorian terrace becomes a beautiful contemporary home - Vogue Living

Boho entryway with plants

Normally, the colors utilized for contemporary decoration are neutrals, white, and black. Dark colors will earn a little room appear smaller, so remember the size of the room when choosing colors.

Warm, Creative & Eclectic Style in Brooklyn

Warm, Creative & Eclectic Style in Brooklyn

Sommelier Andre Mack and his wife Phoebe have created a beautiful family home in Brooklyn, where styles merge and creativity abounds.

White Hallway

what to do with your long, narrow hallway

Upgrade an Often Forgetten Space: Inspiring Ideas from Super Stylish Hallways (Apartment Therapy Main)

Ok this is actually the most MY style thing in the whole world so I'm a litt. - Home Interiors

3 EASY STEPS TO A HALLWAY MAKEOVER | coco.kelley | Bloglovin’ #darkhallwayideas #hallwayideaslong

3 EASY STEPS TO A HALLWAY MAKEOVER | coco.kelley | Bloglovin’ #darkhallwayideas #hallwayideaslong

The Boho Porch Makeover at bohocollective.com


7 DIY Cures For The Claustrophobia Caused By Long, Narrow Hallways — DESIGNED w/ Carla Aston

Vintage Rug Runner

Needing, Wanting, Loving: A Chic Runner (The Peak of Tres Chic)

Vintage Rug Runner