Happy hangover everyone!                                                       …

Did you enjoy last night? Happy Hangover

Hungover me regrets that.

After the last time I talked to you had another beer. But couldn't see on the keyboard xD .not used of drinking xD

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Stages of a hangover

The best cure for a hangover. #funny #haha #truth

I used to be able to booze for 18 hours straight, put cocaine directly into my butthole, and then wake up and play basketball. Now I have 4 drinks and I wake up looking like Tom Hanks in the last 20 minutes of "Philadelphia.

Hangovers GIF

lol literally the reason I stopped drinking after I turned 21

Pics to describe being hungover

You’ll start to notice how cruel and harsh the world is. 17 Pictures That Are Too Real For Anyone Who's Ever Been Hungover .

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Soooo fucking true, I can not be trusted. Rp from my girl 👈🏻she's a total bitch, you'll love her.