Jelly Bellies~ I've been saving prescription bottles for a long time for some reason.  Now I know why!  Fill them with Jelly Bellies!!!

Candy Shop, sweets, jelly beans, confectionary and online gifts. happy pills for a sweeter world.

I wish this was true. For a change I'm going to look at my meds differently, pretend they're literally "happy pills " instead of "I wish I could get off these" pills.

I will now take my medications to improve myself in many other ways than just the effects of the medication. Concept - medication can't fix all things - "what happens if the cut, the burn, the break was never in my brain or in my blood but in my soul?

would be cute for (grad) party - for someone in health profession (nurse, doctor, pharmacy, etc!)

Happy Pills

Two years ago whilst walking around Barcelona I came across Happy Pills. I had no idea what to expect when I walked in and when I found out it was a sweet shop I fell in love.

WE ALL NEED SOME HAPPY PILLS | the obsessive imagist


Love the mixed media and surrealism. But there's a goo message behind this one

Millennialzz Reaction to Discipline: Call and pop 2 Prozacs. (will work part time occasionally pending the riot or protest.


15 Questions to Ask When Your Doctor Prescribes a Drug. I think should have been "What are my non-drug alternatives?

happy pills.

You've been acting somewhat psychotic. Probably time for your happy pills. (by sebastien millon)

Happy pills :)

Happy Pills Rx: Take 2 capsules by mouth as needed. Expires: Never.

caixinha de remédio primeiros socorros para namorado happy pills

caixinha de remédio primeiros socorros para namorado happy pills

Happy Pills Printable label

Happy Pills and Chill Pills: Free Printable labels