Coolest Head Tattoos | PressRoomVIP - Part 4

Head tattoos are serious business. Not only does everyone notice them, they are also seriously painful.

crow-head.jpg (610×610)

A creative tattoo of the raven's head inked on the side of a man's head.

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Personally I'm not a huge fan of chest tattoos on women, but this piece looks absolutely gorgeous.

DerStrafer: Deer head | Tattoos von

DerStrafer: Deer head

Have you ever consider getting a tattoo? Nowadays people have a higher acceptance level towards tattoos, and some of them look really stylish. I’m going to share one of my favorite animal the…

American Eagle Hampel Illustration Fantasy / von ArtBySassanFilsoof

Awesome hawk design Tattoo Design Tattoo and Body Piercing Gloves owned and operated by tattoo artists (Blind Novility).

'Gorilla Biker Head' Tattoo Design. and/or

'Gorilla Biker Head' Tattoo Design. and/or