D11.Introduced in 1996 is this 850hp,249,500 pound Caterpillar D11R CD Carrydozer.The blade can push 57.9 yards if earth in a single pass

Caterpillar - Introduced in 1996 is this pound Caterpillar CD Carrydozer.The blade can push yards of earth in a single pass

Dawn Machinery | An HDR composition of exavating machinery contrast against the morning winter sky | by IanDMcGregor on Flickr

Excellent Operation The multi-function digital color monitor panel together with electromic fuel control allow the operator to select the best setting for a wide range of operations and hence maximising operatiing efficiency.

Japanese musings on odd construction equipment — Art imitating life or vice-versa? | RocketNews24

Excavator,Industry proven high torque 6 sylinder diesel engine coupled with a reliable variable displacement hydraulic pump and load sensing hydraulic system ensure high performance and reliability.

Seriously big machines.

Seriously big machines.

Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma have a long history of surface and deep mining.  This, is Big Brutus.


Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma have a long history of surface and deep mining. This, is Big Brutus. I have heard of Big Brutus.

If you have kids, you need to brush up on your construction equipment knowledge. You're welcome.

In most states that means the beginning of construction season. Whether it is the building of a new hotel or work on the side of the hig

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How would you like to try to maneuver this oversize load? Heavy Equipment Training "Train one or train all" www.

The Terex Titan 33-19 from in 1974. A 350 ton off highway hauler. 3300 hp diesel/AC electric powertrain haul truck designed by the Terex Division of General Motors and assembled at General Motors Diesel Division's London, ON, Canada assembly plant in 1973. Only one 33-19 was ever produced and it was the largest, highest capacity haul truck in the world for 25 years. After 13 years in service, the 33-19 was restored and is now on static display as a tourist attraction in Sparwood, BC, Canada.

The Terex Titan Truck from las Vegas in == 350 ton off highway hauler with hp. That's a full size Datsun in the bed!