Heath Bar Cake - This poke cake is so easy to make with only 5 ingredients. #cake #easycake #poke cake #dessert #desserts

Heath Bar Cake

Irresistible Heath bar cookies! Made with chunks of Heath toffee bars. A perfect Christmas cookie ~ SimplyRecipes.com
Oreo Heath Bar Cake - chocolate fudge cake with Oreos baked into batter, heath bar pieces mixed into the filling, and decorating the top.  Very decadent, but very simple to make with step-by-step photos!  Guaranteed to make someone's day!  :)
Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Cake www.confessionsofabakingqueen.com

Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Cake

Better than sex cake

Better Than Sex Cake - Recipe

Lazy Heath Bars  OMGosh!  These are KILLER!  Tall glass of cold milk, lock the door, tell the kids it has spinach in them, good!  And check out her blog, no need to thank me!
This is exactly how we would put recipes onto a recipe card. We never recopied them just used Elmer's glue. JP
Soft & Chewy Heath Bar Cookies
Want to serve something cold and creamy other then ice cream?  That’s what this Frozen Heath Bar Cream Pie is.  With tons of toffee inside and out.

Frozen Heath Bar Cream Pie