Overwatch..... In the end we are still just men and women behind our masks

Overwatch>>> genji has green hair>> After he dyes it yeah, but before it was brown/black

Ilustrations of the different hat and hair styles of the Ancient Greek (2)

you can distinguish the farmers/villagers from the warriors by their display of headgear ANCIENT GREEK FASHION: Men's hairstyles and hats throughout Ancient Greek history

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12085:  this… was so much fun i lack the words to write a decent comment because i’m mad that my tablet died on me again, but… just… so much fun basically just a little “what’s still human on that guy”

ok this was way too much fun and it killed my tablet but FUN i wondered what's still flesh and bones on that guy, how can he talk with no lungs? your squishy human parts, monsoon

barba pelo largo

10 Beard Styles for 2017

Male long hair style is very diverse depending on the model you want to obtain. Both straight hair and curly ways to make it very easy. If you want a neat piece just use hair oil or pomade, but if …

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Moto Mode (GALLA.)

Alright a leather jacket is a must for this style. The jacket takes you to the next level quite easily. Most jackets will be good, just do not throw on a black leather jacket and a white T-shirt expecting no one to call you a greaser.

Dystopia Post-Apocalyptic Mecha Nomad Futuristic for cosplay ideas.

this is my helmet i usually wear when i play wood elf.as wood elf i normally wear loads of armour so obviously i needed a helmet as well ^^ -Its got a steel skull, so that would actu.

Fashionable Mens Haircuts. : High Fade   Spiky Hair   Full Beard

Fashionable Men’s Haircuts : High Fade Spiky Hair Full Beard -Read More –

{flowers in her hair} Takaya-Hanayuishi

I would probably pass out with excitement if a bride came to me with this as her head piece. Huge fresh flowers in the hair are NEVER out of style!

Feather headdress Black wings Valkyrie headpiece by MetamorphDK  I NEED THIS!!!!

Feather headdress Black valkyrie wings headpiece with feather tassels Edgy fashion headdress Burning man Dark fusion LARP cosplay headgear