Collared shirt under a sweater and great hair

H&M Summer 2011 by David Roemer



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5 Wet Shaving Mistakes To Avoid

Bangs with always be on trend! Here are 30 separate hairstyles that prominently feature bangs. We love this classic style.

30 Haircuts For Women With Bangs

When it comes to fringes there's almost always a fringe to suit every face shape. Be it heart, square or even the dreaded round face-fringe-combo, with our edit of the best celeb bangs, you'll find your perfect fringe style in no time.

Moon phases with separate designs down the spine

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The other hairstyle trend in 2013, is short back and sides and long top with fringe/natural wave or curl.

Various trendy and hot mens medium hairstyles. Use the possibilities of your tresses and refresh your hairdo to look smart, sexy and attractive. Simple to create haircuts allow you to change your every day style.

"For this style, the hair is tapered short around the sided and back and blended into about three inches of length on top.  To achieve shine and separation, a styling cream is used.  Like most classic tapered haircuts, this style could also be worn forward or even with more texture to create more casual, contemporary look."

The Classic Taper Haircut

The classic tapered haircut is a timeless men's haircut appropriate of all ages and professions.: The Traditional Classic Taper Haircut