#BucketList - Holi, India Also known as the festival of colors and love, this vivid spring festival brings all people together. The social barriers break completely, friend or stranger, rich or poor, men or women, children or elders, Hindu or not, all people come together to celebrate the end of the winter season. And most important to celebrate that everyone is the same!

Holi, India Also known as the festival of colors and love, this vivid spring festival brings all people together. The social barriers break completely,…

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Holi Festival in India-celebrates the victory of good over evil and the triumph of devotion. It also celebrates the beginning of spring and is sometimes called the festival of colors.

Holi 2016 – Colorful Photos from Amazing Photographers

Holi 2016 – Colorful Photos from Amazing Photographers This site includes photographs from the colorful festival Holi that celebrates sharing love. This two day celebration starts on Full Moon Day.

Ik heb deze gekozen omdat dit iets heel anders is dan alles wat er al op staat. Dit is waarschijnlijk gewoon buiten op een groot plein en mensen maken er een leuke locatie van door de kleuren.

Throw your own color fight

Ispired by India Holi Color Festival and Color Me Run. I'm planning on doing a Rainbow photoshot of my girls maybe Ichi. Is the End of school Summer Fun!

Mujer celebrando el Holi Festival en la India. Imagen de The Story of God con Morgan Freeman.

A woman celebrating during the Holi Festival in India. This image is from The Story of God with.

Festival de Holi Las personas salen a la calle a lanzarse polvos medicinales coloridos. Durante este festival, desaparecen todas las distinciones de casta, credo, sexo o nivel social. La frase que se adopta durante los días de Holi es " No te enfades, es Holi". Se entroniza la igualdad y la abolición de las diferencias que separan a unos de otros social, económica y geográficamente.

Holi Festival in India. Red-Purity, Green-Vitality, Yellow- Pious feeling, Blue- calmness and sedateness.

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Tips for celebrating Holi,Is it safe?Where are the best places to celebrate Holi in India? 2017 How & where to celebrate Holi festival like a local in India

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Colored powder explosion Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Young what you look like after color me rad clouds of coloured paint holi festival of india

holi india festival of color and love pumpernickel pixie

Yellow Happy Holi, India No , it is turmeric powder offered to god at Jejuri Maharashtra

Have your own HOLI ONE Festival.  Being Rocket dust proof, it´s perfect to make it the dj set of any coloured dust festival :)

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Blowing smoke hipster

Celebrating Holi

I like this photo due to the blue powder rising in the wind and the girl blowing it it makes colour in the photo, I like how it looks messy.

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Holi is the festival of colour. A fun time where Indians have a bonfire, sing, laugh and dance. have fun looking like a rainbow. The festival is a Hindu tradition but has also became so popular and has spread to none-Hindus.