Regular horse grooming is one of the most important activities required to maintain a healthy horse.

Regular Horse Grooming for a Healthy and Fit Horse

This is a diagram of each tool and their use and technique. This is an amazing diagram! Big thumbs up!

The best barn hacks!  EVER!!

Pro Equine Grooms - The Best Barn Hacks - Save Time and Effort!

Get your horse looking sleek and show-ready with these 10 horse grooming secrets from AQHA!

Your horse will be looking better than ever, thanks to these horse-grooming secrets.

Horse grooming tips---image from google search

Get Great Tips for Grooming Your Horse from Readers

how to make your own hoof oil using only vegetable and olive oil: five steps

Make Hoof Oil

How to Make Hoof Oil: 5 Steps - wikiHow 50 ml each of vegetable oil and olive oil and mix. Next year at camp or maybe the Golden Pony Club could make this!

16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse — Infographic

16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse — Infographic

Many contestants overlook the need to have a well groomed horse for the horsemanship portion of the pageant.  Here are twenty great tips for a beautiful, full tail.

Cowboy Magic Grooming Products: 20 Tips for Healthy Horse Tails. I definitely need to use these on my horses!

Cool mane braids

Cool horse mane braids for those of you who have lots of patience, lol, and a patient horse.