The Continental Mane moves to the other end! A lovely look!

Gorgeous horse tail diamond braid, I thought is was lovely in the mane but it is even better with the tail too.

Braideez braiding wire - how brilliant does this braiding look? I wonder if it would work on humans...

Get Wired With Braideez! Makes braiding easy with classy results! Photo on Left - just braided Photo on Right - after 24 hours of turnout Classically beautiful

Double mane braid from above! I know it's a horse, but it's still hair stuff :)

Carteret Wallet

Double mane braid horse, for those extra thick manes! The running braid isn't one that should be done the night before, because if you do it well enough where the braid is tight against the horse's neck she can't lower her head. <<< Wow, note taken

Mane pulling can be a hefty undertaking if not done regularly, so try to pull your horse’s mane frequently to keep the job a fairly easy one. Always pull after you’ve ridden or exercised your horse, as exercise helps to open his pores and makes it easier to pull the mane. Pull just a few hairs at a time, and if there is much work to be done on your horse’s mane then tackle it in sections over a period of a few days to make the job easier on both of you.

Simple lace braid on a horse's mane. A lace braid is like a french braid except hair is only added to the braid on one side.

How to braid a mane

One of the most simple pleasures in life is taking the time to braid your horse's hair. We've put together a few of the most interesting photos and ideas.

How to braid a horse’s mane with a Spanish Braid (running braid)

How to braid a horse’s mane with a Spanish Braid (running braid). I'd like to do it - so when I let it out his mane will be wavy.

She Puts Her Horse's Hair In Braids For THIS Incredible Reason. Absolutely Stunning!

The History Behind The Popular Trend Of Horse Mane Braiding