There's an amazing number of hostas available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Discover which will look best in your yard.

A Gardener's Guide to Hostas

Hostas are one of the best plants to try when you can't get anything else to grow. They're durable, versatile, and virtually maintenance-free. With so many hosta varieties, it's hard to choose. Click through to find the perfect hosta for your yard.

Companion plants for hostas. ...

12 Best Companion Plants for Hostas

Hostas can hold their own in a shade garden, but pairing them with bulbs and other perennials will accentuate their natural beauty and extend the season.

The Best homemade solution for Hostas Care that will stop bugs and slugs from eating your Hostas.

Supplies needed: Sprayer that attaches to hose 1 cup of Listerine Mouthwash (original) 1 cup of Epson Salt 1 cup Ammonia 1 cup Ajax Dish soap (lemon)

How to plant and grow hostas in a garden. Green thumb.

You might want to rethink how you grow hostas when you see these clever ideas!

A mixed grouping of hostas and ferns are a low maintenance visually appealing option for any of the front or side beds.

Grow a Lush Shade Garden With Hostas

Hosta REINFORCE NEARBY FOLIAGE -- Tucked under a tree, this planting extends the bed to the variegated shrub nearby. The mostly white variegated hostas reinforce the shrub's foliage colors.

pulmonaria in the mix

Design Lessons from a Minnesota Shade Garden

A delightful view from deck thanks to a wonderful collection of colorful hostas. While some gardeners think hostas are boring, you can create brilliant plantings like this by pairing varieties with different leaf colors, sizes, and variegation patterns.

This is how a group of all hostas can be a spectacular sight in gardens! There is endless variety in their shape, form, color, designs, size, texture, etc. And they are very reliable, hardy perennials that can easily be divided to start new ones!

The many varieties of Hosta, perfect shade plants that love the summer heat of North Florida.