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How to Do a House Blessing

How to Do a House Blessing House Blessing New House New Baby Free Printable Directions Blessings Prayer

Smudging House Cleansing and Protective Blessing from #Pagan #Wiccan #Spells

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Are you moving? Before you move into your new space, don't forget to energetically cleanse it. A home has a spirit. It's always a good idea to cleanse your new house or apartment to let the space know that you will be the new inhabitant. Smoke cleansing the space helps to get rid of the old owner's energy.

How to cleanse a new space before you move in

Are you moving? The home's previous energy could affect your negatively. Protect yourself by smoke cleansing before you bring in your items even the happiest homes accumulate in time negative vibrations, it is good to smudge your home thoroughly at least several times a year.

5 Steps To Smudge Your House and Clear Bad Energy

5 Steps To Smudge Your House and Clear Bad Energy: Easy House Smudging Step by Step