WWII. Dude I wish we could do this!

Skate To Work - save gas! - How cool it would be if work was close enough to skate to!

Old Hollywood At Its Best

Old Hollywood At Its Best

old hollywood is my ABSOLUTE favorite time period. Things were so glamorous and exciting. I think I lived in that time in another life.

Una muy joven Kate Moss en Paris

Kate Moss by Kate Garner, vintage, driver's cap, black & white, flashback. Kate Moss married Jamie Hince on July Kate Moss wore a wedding dress designed by former Dior designer and longtime friend John Galliano. Kate was born on January


Susan Peters, Oscar nominated for Random Harvest. Photo: Howie Cohen's Everything Bicycles/Hollywood Rides a Bike

Letterman sweaters, or also known as varsity jackets, were worn by many highschool or college athletes during the 1930s.  These jackets were awarded based on the athletes accomplishments or whether they were a team captian, ect.  The "letter" on the jacket is earned as a reward, not just given.

Warren G. Harding High School students, Warren, Ohio, circa I remember wearing my school sweater in junior high. Lincoln Junior High School in Charleston W.