This is a notion that is near and dear to my own heart because that’s how I got started as a professional officiant.  My best friend asked me to perform her wedding ceremony, and her big fat …

So you want to have a friend officiate

A Twist on the Traditional: Making the Ceremony Our Own - Signed by Soden THIS IS PERFECT!
"We picked up a basket of stones that contained the names of everyone we expected to be present. It is a Celtic tradition for the wedding guests to toss a stone into a nearby water feature to make a wish for the married couple. I asked guests not to give away the wish, but to make it for themselves."

Laura & Jason's rainbow sacred circle potluck wedding

Vegan Chickpea Curry. Our awesome vegan take on the insanely popular dish. Ridiculously tasty and nutritious - just look at all that protein, fibre and iron

Vegan Chickpea Curry

Je te surveille
Sneak peek on my next steps to online course creation. Pre-sell is around the corner! #kisvardaizsuzsanna