Hypocriet vrienden

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I waited and waited for anything from you .... why is it different now that you decided to text .?

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True. This goes out to my "best" friend. Who turned out to be the most judgmental hypocrite. Sorry your miserable.

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Legendary TV Host, Chuck Woolery, weighs in on Fox & Friends in regards to the recent celebrity endorsed video demanding that congress take action against Trump. He highlights the hilarious notion that these “celebrities” believe they are representing all of the American people. Absolutely laughable! Watch the video: Support the Trump Presidency and help us fight Liberal Media Bias. Please LIKE and SHARE this story on Facebook or Twitter. Share on Facebook Share Share on Twitter Tweet Sh...

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My two faced friends/relatives, all their hypocritical double-standards, the phoniness they are compelled to live, and their lying. Don't need that in my life, so good riddance.

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...and they are loyal to you, never gossiping about or exploiting your sensitivities when you, or they, are feeling low (or anytime)... Friends have your back and you have theirs whether directly or indirectly. When you have found this kind of trust, you are blessed (esp by knowing enough to not settle for less which some learn the hard way). There is no substitute for this feeling. Trust...there's nothing worth more.<3

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(40) meryl streep - Twitter Search

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OMFG..... How did you know? Sitting next to 1 of em right now...... Fucking HATE people.... And trust me, talkin to him does me NO good, at the same time, gets mad @ ME when I dont tell him whats wrong.... Hypocrite much? And people wonder why I stay home, have no friends or family to speak of, am a fucking bitch & hate everybody.....

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Fake Friends, Fans, Fashion and Fame a Short Rant

Especially when she is your partner's 2nd best friend. When she talks bad about you. When she tries to get her to break up with you. Just to make you sad. Mya, do me a favor, and just go back to your old school.

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Yup! A hypocrite and a fake person! Especially since there should have been no way for Trump win the election, a bunch of you are liars! Liars because you voted differently than what you said you would! I guess I would be embarrassed if I were you, to vote for a bigot & not tell your friends and family about it because you know it's wrong! Terrifying, truly terrifying to think Trump will be our president...

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