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Minty Prints which features the work of Casey Divall and Amy Creek two girls with a passion graphic design.

A Study of Ice Cream Print 13x19 by shopannshen on Etsy

Ice cream is always a good idea. This illustrated art print that features a study of 24 classic ice cream flavors would be a perfect addition to your

Ice Cream Risograph - Louise Lockhart | Illustration | Design | The Printed Peanut

Large print made from arranged paper cut outs and paintings, scanned in and arranged and then printed as a risograph, then digitally reproduced. Made for a series of riso postcards for The Printed Peanut

Chapter 19: Inquiry begins with Tom Robinson. He tells his account of what happened, which is overtly different from Mayella's. Tom says that Mayella called him in, saying she had work for him, and tried to seduce him. At the time, this is a case of a white woman tempting a Negro, which was considered an abomination. It is likely that Mayella may have accused Tom to cover up what really happened. He did nothing to harm her, and running away was all he could do to try to get out of the…

Everyday is a Holiday — JUMBO Vintage inspired Vanilla Ice Cream cone wood diecut

anatomy of ice cream / small batch creative - tells a complete story in pictures. leads your eye through the graphic. breaking down something that's already simple.

La anatomía del helado en una original infografía

anatomy of ice cream / small batch creative - tells a complete story in pictures. Leads your eye through the graphic, breaking things down into simple elements.