This would be a great way to show students how to infer texts that they are reading. A similar diagram could be composed on the computer and printed as a hand of for reading folders for students. Many students are just learning to infer about what they are reading at the beginning of 4th grade and it continues through to high school.

whole group or small. Grade 5 Use puzzle pieces - Inferring Anchor Chart Fifth grade Standards addressed by using this chart: Quote accurately from a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.

ABC/ Word Study Task Cards and Anchor Charts

First Grade Fresh: ABC/ Word Study Task Cards and Anchor Charts - anchor chart gives a definition of the word "inferences"- "figuring out something that wasn't completely explained in the story" and "using clues to make a good guess.

Inference anchor chart, activities, graphic organizer, student notes, practice and more! Making and defending inferences is easy with this bundle.

Inferencing Activities Bundle for Making Inferences

This Inferencing Activity bundle is a complete pack of resources to help you teach your students how to make and defend inferences. This resource was created to align with the Common Core Standards for and grade Language Arts.

ELA I'm changing this. Putting a quote on each table and having students write what they can infer on paper and rotate around the room

Inference chart

The chart presented in this visual could be used for middle school grades. Students compare and contrast inferring what the texts says and what they personally infer what the text is saying. Many students need this visual to help with inferences.