intuition, and I KNEW this whole time! Can't blame anyone but myself!

We intuitively know the truth by the way it feels.we often don't trust our authentic self to know our own truth & wind up regretting our decision later.

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25 Quotes from Female Entrepreneurs to Empower, Motivate, and Inspire You

I have found this to be unfailingly true.  Please always,always do this. Never forget, never dismiss it!

It's funny cuz as much as you denied nothing being there now you two are taking pictures together in matching clothes. hmmmm funny I was the crazy one lol

Intuition quote wisdom listen intuition gut

Intuition, tuition from within, literally means learning from within. Learn to trust your inner feeling and it will be one stronger In tuition literally means learning from within. Learn to trust your inner feeling and it will become stronger.

My question is, what good is intuition if you do not possess the intellect to make decisions?

People do notice others covert behaviour, and as soon as it's in your awareness you start noticing that they notice. That's when positive change happens.

A woman's intuition

Hit the nail on the head. Don't stare at me with those eyes and spill lies out yo mouth. Surround yourself with honest peeps and life will be blissful

Jung on Introverted Intuition:

but she was highly intuitive" -Carl Jung Introverted Intuition is the primary function of INFJ and INTJ.

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