The Invisible Woman by Harvey Tolibao___©__!!!!

Invisible Girl © Marvel Comics lineart by my dear friend check out his gallery for some really awesome art. colors by lil ole me Invisible Girl

Fantastic Four 608 cover by Frank Cho

Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman, Black Panther's Sister, Storm - Frank Cho - FF 608

Fantasy Cast for the Fantastic Four Reboot.

Fantasy Cast for the Fantastic Four Reboot.

Susan Storm - The Invisible Woman (Marvel Comics. Fantastic Four) + I love FF.and I can pull of Susan without a wig!

Fantastic Four Invisible Woman Costume

Come along on a fantastic costume voyage, courtesy of the Invisible Woman

BENDIS! - sonicyouth93:   The Fantastic Four by Bruce Timm

The Invisible Woman, (aka Invisible Girl), is a fictional super-heroine published by Marvel Comics. A founding member of the Fantastic Four, first female superhero created by Marvel during the Silver Age of Comics. Art by Bruce Timm

Invisible Woman

Invisible woman is an interesting superhero that children might enjoy since sometimes when they have embarrassing moments, they wish they could become invisible, so they can appreciate her superhero.

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Marvel XP: Dossiers/Invisible Woman