A sweet alternative to a guest book.  What a great wedding idea!

irish stone blessing makes for a unique wedding idea! Guests write something on stones and toss into water. Kind of cool! What if these were the guestbook and then you used the stones in a DIY project? Like in a garden or indoor planters or something?

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Wedding Quotes : Picture Description Irish Fasting Hands Ceremony Wedding Vows Wood Sign or Canvas - Wedding, Shower, Anniversary, Christmas Gift by Heartl

Wedding Bells - an Irish Tradition - Wedding Day Pins : You're #1 Source for Wedding Pins!

I totally want a wedding wand! 50 Wedding Wands Lace Ribbon Bells Streamers - What a great idea instead of throwing rice, etc. and looks SUPER COOL for pictures!

When I get married....

I like the idea of multiple bindings in this kind of fashion and I'd save my personal vows for the civil ceremony before hand and a little piece in the toasts

Johanna did this for her wedding, it was a great idea really fun and pretty, not to mention eco-friendly!

Chuva de amor: O que jogar nos noivos?

Glue little bells onto the tips of your wedding ribbon wands to add a jingle to your send off! Though you can use bells in the summer, this is a great idea for indoor winter ceremonies!

Neat Irish wedding traditions from "tying the knot" to ringing bells rather than throwing confetti. So cute!

Wedding Traditions in Ireland

10 Irish Wedding Traditions for Your Big Day - Bell-Ringing

Cowbell Display A sure way to break the ice? Have guests pick up sheep and cow bells along with their escort cards.It’s a call to supper, table assignment, and favor in one. Plus, it will make the seat-finding process sound like a game of musical chairs.

"ring in the newlyweds" give away bells as a favor and an extra special touch for when the bride & groom depart

Tiny bells with the guests name and table number attached! And they can shake them throughout dinner to get the bride and groom to kiss :)

Five old Irish wedding traditions you may not know about - WorldIrish

Wedding Bells:Not quite the same as the tolling of the church bells. An old superstition, so the story goes, is that the sound of bells would ward off malicious spirits.

Irish Wedding Tradition

Handfasting for spell book this was almost the same one we used for our hand fasting ceremony!