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De verborgen spier die uw ischias pijn veroorzaakt en 2 eenvoudige stretches voor onmiddellijke verlichting

St John’s Wort - Hypericum perforatum - NL: St Janskruid / F: millepertuis - St John’s Wort (SJW) is another powerful herb with a long history as folk medicine. In our days St John’s Wort got great media attention for aiding in the treatment of those suffering from depression, being known as the “natural prozac”. Long before SJW got to be used to treat depression, it was considered to be ...


In dit artikel gaan we het hebben over het Ling Gu punt, wat onmiddellijke verlichting van pijn door ischias en rugpijnen kan bieden.

Drie boeren baden in hooi als middel tegen reuma. Uit hedendaags wetenschappelijk onderzoek blijkt dat hooibaden verlichting brengen bij artrose, ischias en reuma. Daarnaast bevorderen hooibaden de doorbloeding en de stofwisseling en hebben ze een weldadig effect op de huid.


Insta Life Acupressuur Kussen: Verlicht chronische pijn in onderrug en pijn bij ischias!


There are several ailments that cause pain, but very few can be as excruciating or annoying than Sciatica, is not it? Have you ever tried yoga for sciatica pain relief?


Want more yoga and exercise? Become a woods warrior or try this lower body workout.  Ohhhh lower back pain and pressure. How many times have I groaned, moaned and cursed at you?  In fact, here I sit, back throbbing and hips aching, worrying about my future.  I have to admit, I don’t stretch or do …

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Home Remedies for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Prev post1 of 3Next Sciatica is pain caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. It usually affects only one part of the body but tends to be severe and debilitating. The pain usually extends from the lower back to the rear of the thigh and down through the leg. It can be accompanied


Sciatic Nerve Stretches. Some of these are ones my doctor recommended.