My Nonna would do this when my 7 aunts and uncles and my mom were naughty, and whenever we would go to Sicily and she came with us, she did that to my cousins and I too XD

Italian mothers, My mother did this with a work boot when my brother pissed her off ! or a run by with a fly swatter.

Italian Humor - Benvenuti in Italia | PMSLweb

Italian Humor – For those of you who didn’t have any specific plan set up for the weekend, how does a little trip to Italy sound?

Yeah, you typically engage in two or three conversations at a time, that's how that works.

Italian family - this is where we learned both multi tasking and critical thinking at an early age

Haha! Yup! The Italian temper at its finest! Don't mess with it unless you want to get your culo kicked!

Italian temper is a serious condition that individuals are born with and is highly heritable. There is not treatment for Italian temper. Take caution when dealing with these individuals.

The only thing better than being Italian is being Sicilian~  YES, I AM BOTH :)

half sicilian / half calabrese on my mommy's side + mixed with different italian dialects on my daddy's side!