Dumb waiter in laundry room. Carries dirty and clean clothes up and down.

Beach Style Laundry Room by Oglesby Construction Company, Inc. Laundry chute construction - Oglesby Construction Company, Inc.SaveEmail Here’s an example by Oglesby Construction Company that incorporates a tambour door to catch falling laundry.

Hanging laundry baskets.  Doing this in the upstairs linen closet to hide the fugly laundry hampers.  Will make life easier to carry down one at a time instead of 7 loads of washing in the one bag at once!

Easy Home DIY And Crafts: DIY Hanging Laundry Baskets. A great way to use vertical laundry/closet space efficiently.

How To Smartly Organize Your Laundry Space: 37 Ideas

Wouldn't have to put your loads on the floor waiting to be washed. Perfect for a laundry room! I love this idea! Have drawers in closets to hold laundry bin and when its full, kids bring the basket to the laundry room.