Jenny Holzer: Marquees (1993)

From Jenny Holzer’s 1993 installation “Marquees” on pre-Disney Street.

Women in the Arts: Jenny Holzer | Lauren C. Byrd

Women in the Arts: Jenny Holzer

you are a victim of the rules you live by Favorite Artist: Jenny Holzer.

‘Rejoice! Our times are Intolerable’. Jenny Holzer

‘Rejoice! Our times are Intolerable’. Jenny Holzer and her ’15...

Jenny Holzer, detail from Inflammatory Essays Poster (Inflammatory Essays, 1979 -

From Jenny Holzer's "Truisms."  Talk about consumerism, media's influence, and human weaknesses and flaws.

Protect Me From What I want - Jenny Holzer From Survival Series “In the artist installed for the first time a large electronic sign on the Spectacolor board at Times Square, New York. Sponsored by the Public Art Fund program, the use of L.D.

jenny holzer / summit

Many of her works shows empathy because the words are in such a way that you wonder what somebody could've done to themselves in order to think these things, you don't want anybody to think bad things about themselves

Inflammatory Essays // Jenny Holzer

museumuesum: “ JENNY HOLZER Inflammatory Essays, 1978 offset prints on colored paper 17 x 17 inches ”

Jenny Holzer I'm the original ghost...don't forget that.

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jenny holzer Truism Jenny Holzer’s marquees truisms turn soft and lovely and time you have a chance

Savor Kindness Because Cruelty Is Always Possible Later

Jenny Holzer, Savor kindness because cruelty is always possible later [from "Marquees"], 1993

'Fear is the most elegant weapon, your hands are never messy...' Inflammatory Essays 1979 -1982 Jenny Holzer #quotes

'Fear is the most elegant weapon, your hands are never messy.' Inflammatory Essays 1979 Jenny Holzer : would make a great prologue

Jenny Holzer; one of the most inspiring installations I've ever seen... At the MCA in Chicago back in 2006, I believe. Changed my life forever

Jenny Holzer - SURVIVAL, (exhibited as part of Creative Time’s Street Project

Jenny Holzer. Truisms. 1978-87 {disgust is the appropriate response to most things}

Truisms, Conceptual art, this piece pushes the boundaries of what art can be, while spreading messages.