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#TODAYIMCHANNELLING “I always believed. And when you do that, life can get unbelievable” Jessica Ennis-Hill
Jessica Ennis-Hill

Team GB launch new kit for the Olympic games in Rio – in pictures

Labelled the poster girl of 2012, Jessica Ennis’ 'girl-next-door to Olympic gold-medalist' fairytale has given a nation of schoolgirls a reason to believe that dreams really can come true.  Smashing her personal best, beating her competitors by hundreds of points and scooping the gold medal for the heptathlon, Ennis-Hill, has a great deal to be proud of. But it is her status as a role model that seems to give the athlete her greatest sense of achievement. #JessicaEnnis #Inspiring
August 23 Jessica Ennis-Hill celebrates winning the Women's Heptathlon 800 metres at the 15th IAAF World Athletics Championships in Beijing.

This Week In Pictures - 24/08/2015

Gold medal-winning Heptathlete Jessica Ennis - because wow! #JessicaEnnis #Heptathlete #DinnerCompanions

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Jessica Ennis Hill (Pentatlón-Gran Bretaña)
Jessica Ennis-Hill will be competing in the heptathlon on Friday but her coach says she'll aim for a 'post-pregnancy personal best' following giving birth two years ago

Jess Ennis' coach says she'll aim for a 'post-pregnancy personal best'

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