Singer John Newman lensed by Bryan Adams and styled by Lotta Aspenberg, for the latest coverstory of Untitled magazine.

John Newman... Oh, my my my.. That look just absolutely melts my heart!!!! (;

British pop singer John Newman, from a photo shoot for Hunger magazine, United Kingdom, photograph by Rankin.

Black and white filter illustrates the simplicity, and how he's looking out shows that he's dramatic.

Male Fashion Trends: John Newman para Untitled Magazine "The Legendary Issue"

John Newman; casual form, sitting, clothing, accessories, hair, face, expression, hands

Blame John Newman For This Catchy New Calvin Harris

John Newman. Ah, his famous black shoes, white socks. He can pull it off wonderfully though!!!

Most of his self designed suits are all black and the only thing stopping it from being ALL black are his white socks. He wears the look wonderfully

my love <3 <3

my love <3 <3