John Simm is a beautiful man.

Zolani Tete knocks out Siboniso Gonya in quickest-ever world title fight

John Simm


John Simm: terrific in so many shows, The Lakes, Life on Mars, Dr Who, etc.

Doctor/Master marching 500 miles (David Tennant and John Simm)

(Gif) Doctor & Master marching 500 miles (David Tennant and John Simm) ^_^

John Simm | I've been smitten since he was in Men of the World in 1994, when I was 14! His name is scrawled all over my art folder & exercise books

This picture is absolutely gorgeous. My heart stops every time I see it. <<-- ksc He can Master me anytime ;

Dalek and John Simm. I love Simm as The Master in Doctor Who! he was such a mad, broken man, and yet it did nothing to detract from his menace. an actor that can play a conflicted, understandable, even pitiable villain without lessening any of the villainy is amazying. simm did so with penache (as did hiddleston with loki)

*begins to slow-clap* John Simm, the Master

John Simm... A bit of the Master touch

Why I'm so furious with the BBC

John Simm = THE Master. "I'm voting Saxon. He can tick my box any day." For.Reals. #DoctorWho

The Master/John Simm wearing a "Vote Saxon t-shirt" (quite a cool photomontage). I wouldn't mind having the t-shirt either.

John Simm. The Master from Doctor Who

Apparently batshit crazy = sexy in Doctor Who-land.

John Simm is actually a tremendously good actor AND he's cute :D

Oh, how to explain John Simm. Why even bother - I can't. There aren't words to describe how awesome he is!