Anti-mosquito tip: Cut a lemon into half and stuff it with cloves. You can put these on the table in your garden, or even next to your bed. The smell repels mosquitoes and still looks rather cheerful, right?

Keep Bugs Away - Keep wasps & bees away. Place about 10 cloves in a lemon and set out. They do not like the scent - Outdoor & Backyard - Summer Hack - BBQ Hack

Cross stitch painting using cotton buds

Cross stitch painting using cotton buds Bedroom - Night stand

Anna Maria Horner Cross Stitch Pattern - Proud Peacock

Cross stich rose mural from wunderschön-gemacht: vintage teatime. Do this with wall paint or with washi tape. Maybe not a rose (and I don't know what washi tape is, but This would be cool wall decoration.

15 Times Cross-Stitch Was Actually Incredibly Cool

This is not your grandma's cross-stitch. These projects take the art form of stitching tiny X's with thread and turn it on its head. Giant painted cross-stitch wall murals, stitched sterling silver bangles, an embroidered Ikea stool—trust me, there's a lot more to this craft than alphabet samplers.

Cross stitch painting on a small canvas or on paper then framed. Paint something that is special or meaningful to the person you're gifting to.