This camel animal craft for kids is so cute!!

Is your kid into animals? We've got you covered with these fun craft ideas

Torn paper camel crafts for kids. Simple and fun.  For teaching about middle east, camels, and desert. حرفة الجمل
Kameel. Bij diverse verhalen in de woestijn.
Clothespin camel. Print, cut out and attach camels. For a languages ares activity, write words on camels. Children put the camel caravan in ABC order.
camel craft we made with the 3 Wise Men lesson
We Love Being Moms!: A-Z Zoo Animals Preschool Unit
Kamel aus Klorollen - Tiere Basteln - Meine Enkel und ich - Made with schwedesign.de
Cute felt board activity for the song "Alice the Camel" (except that I always thought it was Sally the Camel)    Also envisioning a center where they make a camel out of their own name.
[camel%2520puppets%255B5%255D.jpg] camel puppets for parsha

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