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23 Tips For Living With Roommates Without Going Fucking Crazy

Hold yourself to the same standards you hold your roommate to.

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How will Sheldon die?

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"Hey mon, when do i know this is done?" "About five minutes before it looks like that."

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Totally moving in!

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My roommate is on a date and said he's convinced she's coming home with him. I've covered his room in Justin bieber posters. Now we wait

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Crafty Coolers

ROOMMATES!!! Story of my life.

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The Roommate Agreement

Sheldon's roommate agreement

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add us Pinterest, FB

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35 Funny Pictures for Today

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I got a nerf gun to pester my roommate. He got one to pester me. Today we had a 2 hour nerf war in the living room. Im fucking 22.

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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 24 Pics

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"Last night I ordered a pizza around 11 pm so I told the guy on the phone that my roommates are sleeping and if he could text me when he got to my house. That's how I got the hot pizza delivery guys #"

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I watched an episode once where they found a woman's hair on a guys jacket and were like "she must be your girlfriend" and I was like "I find my roommates hair on my bra on a regular basis. You obviously don't understand how women's hair works."

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Big Bang Theory Funny Pictures (12)

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Martin Spooner King

Things I would do...

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Glenn did not want to follow the roommate agreement!

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