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Template For Roommate Rules - Invitation Templates - roommate contract agreement form
Good topics you and your roommate may need to discuss!
Pinteresting: Golden Rules for Living  Im seriously going to print this out for my room and future dorm or apartment or hosue.. Not kidding.
Is it your freshman college year? Or, maybe you're off to university. Here are some key topics to bring up wen choosing an apartment roommate. Contracts and Agreements. Freshers' Week Survival tips, notes, ideas and life lessons.

How to Find The Perfect Roommate for University

How Often Should You Clean Everything  This is a great check off list when cleaning up the home. It helps you break it all down so it doesn’t feel overwhelming when trying to clean your house.

10 Graphs That Will Make you Pro at Cleaning Anything

Apartment rules
Some of these are relevant and really good... Some not so much but ya know dorm ideas DIY dorm ideas #diy

Should You Make a Roommate Contract? (Plus A Roommate Contract Template!)

Templeton Properties | Infographic - Living With a Roommate
<b>Your mum doesn't live here.</b>                                                                                                                                                                                 More

15 Tips To Win At Life In A Shared House

Ladylike Laws: The Roommate Rules by Lauren Conrad - "Whether you're sharing a dorm room, living in your first apartment with a friend, or splitting the rent with a stranger, there are ways to make living with others fun and easy... "

Ladylike Laws: The Roommate Rules