"Yooo I'm Klarce. You know like Clarke. But its messed up this time.." I laughed, "Um.. I was born into a family that was dedicated to the goverement... But my dad wasnt the hubby of my mum.. He was an rebel fighter.. So i guess im following his steps." I smiled, "Oh yeah, my skills! Duh, um.. I have a couple nerf guns and paint guns that i had make some adjustments to them that isnt really kid-friendly anymore."

His smile tickles my heart

Imagine:  Opening a message to see Keaton cuddling with the frog you gave him because he misses you

Imagine: Opening a message to see Keaton cuddling with the frog you gave him because he misses you

Wesley Stromberg in rio - Could you imagine waking up after a drunken night and walking out to your hotel patio and seeing this? Ohh goodness, he's yummy. c:

i mean Imagine: waking up to nobody but yourself in your bed, wondering where your boyfriend, Wesley went when you go out in the patio and spot him shirtless and rumpled looking from last night ;

Keaton Stromberg, emblem3 cuuutie

Keaton Stromberg is my soul mate

Keaton Stromberg

Keaton Stromberg :D

he's got the face, the hair, the smile, and the voice... what more could a girl want?

Awww Keaton in glasses

Keaton Stromberg By Emblem 3

Keaton Stromberg ❤ my husband

Keaton Stromberg @Stephenie Sullivan Ramage Stromberg Instagram photos | Webstagram

Keaton Stromberg from

Keaton Stromberg. My future husband duh

My future husband duh

keaton stromberg & wesley stromberg; emblem3 #strombros

Selfie photo op with Keaton and Wesley Stromberg of the

Keaton Stromberg <3

Keaton Stromberg at his finest everyone ❤️

Keaton & Wesley<3 #Emblem3

Keaton & Wesley - brother of

Keaton Stromberg, you look like an angel. <3

[ closed w/keaton] i stumble around, drunk. my brother left me alone, he was pissed i was drunk. i'll give you cuddles!

Keaton Stromberg #emblem3 might be meeting them October 14....

Keaton Stromberg from Emblem 3

Fjorm - Fire Emblem: Heroes,

Fjorm - Fire Emblem: Heroes,

The many faces of Keaton Stromberg

The many faces of Keaton Stromberg,he is so cutest