Researchers have found that exercise produces an immediate change to DNA
If you're looking to burn calories fast HITT is the way to go. With High-intensity interval training, you can workout less and gain more. Here's a 25 minute total-body HIIT-Workout to get you started. #HIIT:

Quick Total-Body HIIT Workout for a Bikini Body

In addition to exercising, there are certain natural ways such as dietary and lifestyle changes which can help you get those flat and sexy abs.

27 Tricks To Lose Belly Fat For Good

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15 small tweaks you can make to your daily routine to lose a lot of weight - it's that easy!

15 Lifestyle Tweaks To Lose Weight Fast

The key to losing weight by running is mixing up your runs, and eating strategically before and after a run. Read our guide here! #fitnessbeforeandafterpictures, #weightlossbeforeandafterpictures, #beforeandafterweightlosspictures, #fitnessbeforeandafterpics, #weightlossbeforeandafterpics, #beforeandafterweightlosspics, #fitnessbeforeandafter, #weightlossbeforeandafter, #beforeandafterweightloss