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The Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson enjoying the sunshine with the Lion's.

Kevin Richardson, aka "The Lion Whisperer"  this is possibly the coolest picture ive ever seeeeeeen....!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Kevin Richardson: The Lion Whisperer

Say Cheese: The Lion Whisperer, Kevin Richardson, with one of his many lions

Just finished his book - the love Kevin Richardson has for his feline 'family' is wonderful.

The Lion Whisperer

Funny pictures about The Lion Whisperer. Oh, and cool pics about The Lion Whisperer. Also, The Lion Whisperer photos.

This picture relates to Pi because the hyenas were being tamed by the man like Pi tamed Richard Parker.

I want hyena hugs! I adore Kevin Richardson. Beautiful soul, so thankful for what he does to help the Lions and Hyenas

Kevin Richardson! This guy is awesome!! I love lions

Ame o Homem... Confie em Deus

Kevin Richardson, affectionately known as The Lion Whisperer, is a self-taught animal behaviorist from South Africa. This man is living my dream!