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Alright I got a little tip for all my poor folks out there. Next time you have a toothache go to the store and get yourself some Advil liquid gels poke a hole in it and squirt it on your cavity it works like a charm. It only takes a couple of drops, it works for quite a while and is much better than anbesol.


1000 Life Hacks: Have a bad toothache? Rub ice on the back of your hand on the v-shaped webbed area between your thumb and index finger. A study showed that this can relieve the pain by up to 50 percent.


18 Effective Home Remedies For Tooth Ache

Home Remedies For Tooth Ache: A toothache is one of the most common dental complaints that can be quite painful and debilitating. Here are 29 effective home remedies for tooth ache. Read on to know more.

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Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

Natural Home Remedies for Toothache

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3 Powerful and Natural Remedies for Toothaches

I suffered with toothaches until I discovered the natural remedies. These totally work and can get you through a painful toothache until you can get help. -- Infographic -3 Powerful and Natural Remedies for Toothaches | via


Have a toothache and looking for natural way to take care of it? Check out these 7 Effective Natural Toothache Remedies!

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15 Tested Home Remedies for Toothache That Will Stop It

A toothache is a pain that can become unbearable and everybody agrees with that. Be it throbbing and continuous either acute or severe, we all hate it. An immediate visit to a doctor is the simplest and most appropriate way to solve the problem, but not always possible. One example is the situation when the …

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17 Natural Ways To Relieve Toothache

17 Homemade Remedies For Toothache..These Herbs are very effective for fast Pain relief & Safe.. plus a natural toothpaste for healing your cavity too.. #toothache remedies