Kind proofing haard

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Baby Proofing the Hearth - if we ever have a house with a fireplace mantle I am doing this... No matter how old the kids are!!!
Fireplace cover!  I would pad it so we could use it as an extra seat in the living room.
Baby proofing fireplace. DIY Fireplace bench. Cut plywood to fit and cover with memory foam and fabric!
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Baby Proof fireplace
Look! Crib Bumper for Baby-Proofing Fireplace hearth.
How to keep baby out of the fireplace
I wanted a stylish yet practical way to babyproof  my fireplace hearth. I measured the hearth then built a frame out of pine to slide over it then used rubber pipe insulation to cushion the corners. I then wrapped it in polyfoam batting to add more cushion then upholstered it using tablecloth fabric that has a clear plastic coating so I can easily wipe it clean when sticky little hands touch it! Voila!