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Crochet Button Flower Free Pattern - 8 petals [Video]

Crochet Button Flowers Free Patterns

Spiral Cat Shawl Pin in Sterling Silver door spindlecatstudio

Zilveren Pin omslagdoek, omslagdoek Pin van de kat van de spiraal in Sterling Zilver

Handsewn framed picture of a wreath using blue & white buttons with embroidered leaves and stems. It takes me over 100 hours to hand sew all the buttons and attach all the seed beads to embelish this one of a kind miniture wreath. The fabric is then stretched to acid-free foamcore and framed in its 6.5 square frame. The back is covered and finished to hang on a wall or sit on a small easel. This is a one of a kind piece.

Antique Button Wreath with hand embroidery

Button Hummingbird Button Art & Swarovski Crystal Art 8"x10"

Kolibrie Wall Art knop Art & Swarovski Crystal Art Hummingbird kunst vogel knop foto swarovski vogel

Schilderij met knopen voor kerst
If youre pleased with the photos of my work, youre not going to believe your eyes when you see your pieces sparkle, precision, and beauty in person!

Uil decoratie kinderkamer uilen Wall Art knop Art Owl 11 x 14 knop doek uil knop Art Canvas uil kinderkamer Decor Night Owl Swarovski kristal

Sleutelhanger van knopen. Leuk idee!

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