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I've seen chocolate bowl recipes before, but not marbleized bowls like these! These white/dark chocolate bowls are elegant.  Using white chocolate and pastel-colored candy melts would make great bowls for kid parties.
How to Temper Chocolate – An Illustrated Tutorial

How to Temper Chocolate

Raspberry Mousse Chocolate Cups

Raspberry Mousse Chocolate Cups

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Half-and-Half Swirled Strawberries

chocolate bowls tutorial
Edible Flower Petal White Chocolate Bowls

How To Make Flower Petal White Chocolate Bowls

Could do this using white frosting, metallic gold ribbon and gold glitter 50 or 2 store bought large white flowers

Quilted Buttercream Birthday Cake

How to make chocolate leaves ~ I have been doing this for years and it works like a charm!  :)

Chocolate Leaves Make Them In 30 Seconds

Gareth over at MAKE posted this ingenious little tutorial about how to make a chocolate bowl using a balloon. More:How-To: Chocolate BowlsKitchen 101: Chocolate SkillsRecipe: Chocolate Banana Pops

How-To: Chocolate Bowl With Strawberries