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Camping Beauty Products // It acts as a sort of makeshift funnel, so you can pee standing up and don't have to worry about accidentally squatting in some poison ivy. Yikes. ;)

Camping Beauty Products

I love how she has a free pdf pattern to make this teepee. I also love how this tepee DIY is for a large size tee pee. Looks so fun _ I want one to read books in! Definitely going to try this idea.

How to make a Teepee (free pattern) DIY

Custom tee pee from Dolly & Frances

DIY Reading Nook - Story Time

Chic Be Strong brave courageous seek Adventure Party shower Package tee pee native boho bow arrow birthday aztec tribal pow wow decoration
"Am I wet? Am I on my period? Did I pee my pants? – Next on WTF is going on down there."

18 Vagina Jokes That Will Make You Laugh, Even If You Don't Have One

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