Origineel trouwbedankje: Mini garde(€ 1,75) Voor meer informatie en andere originele en leuke bedankjes ga naar www.bedankje.nl
Koperen huwelijkscadeau: geld geven. n.a.v. idee op pinterest. Bedankt!
I loved the idea of using pennies from significant years as some sort of decor. Since I didn't want a keychain, I decided on this wall hanging. One penny for each of the milestones in our lives (so far). Sew Handmade: The Days of Our Lives
Traditional gift for 7th wedding anniversary is copper. Pennies + old frame with new paint + initials = anniversary gift!
2 Hammered Moscow Mule Mugs in a Gorgeous Gift Box Make Great 7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas. Each Mug holds 16 Ounces, is Made of Pure Solid Copper with No Nickel Lining and has Welded Handles
How to Create a Traditional Copper Themed 7th Anniversary Gift

How to Create a Traditional Copper Themed 7th Anniversary Gift

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Copper Tag Keychain Stamped with "I Still Do, Happy 7th" Hand Stamped 7 Year Anniversary
Wallet Insert Card - Personalized Hand Stamped Copper - Long Lasting Gift for Husband Boyfriend Seven Year Anniversary - Birthday - Marriage

Wallet Insert Card, Copper Hand Stamped, Anniversary Gift, Husband, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Aluminum, Copper Anniversary Gift For Him

A stunning metallic personalised print designed for music lovers, featuring your favourite song in the format of visual soundwaves, on coloured paper backgrounds.Under your soundwave, we write the song title and artist name in title case. If you want something different to this, please send a note with your order.This striking personalised sound waves print is a great present to invoke those treasured memories. Featuring the 'first dance' song makes for a perfect wedding or anniversary…

Metallic Personalised Favourite Song Sound Wave Print

Copper mens bracelet

Copper bracelet handmade, copper chain bracelet, metalwork, copper jewelry

7 year wedding anniversary gift to my husband. 7 years is copper, the pennies are from the years the events occurred.  Paper in background is our wedding program.
Personalised Key Ring/ Date Tag PT 200604. Solid by martinawalters
Copper Wallet Insert Card