Koude schotel groenten

Delicious juicy chunks of Black Forest Ham team up with home cooked baked potatoes, shreds of cheddar cheese, creamy sour cream and fresh scallions to complete this potato salad recipe.

Met koude schotels kun je eindeloos variëren. Zoals met de mediterrane koude schotel. Lekker met gerookte kip.

Vegetarische koude schotel

Een frisse en lichte vegetarische maaltijd met gevulde tomaten, gegrilde halloumi en rolletjes van groene asperges en courgette. Meer heb je niet nodig op een warme zomerdag.

Salade met meloen, parmaham en buffelmozzarella

Koude pastasalade

Foto recept: Koude pastasalade

Health Tip: A loaded plate of fresh colors, red cherry tomatoes, green celery or orange carrots all packed with anti-oxidants. a great way to keep you healthy and lose those extra kilos without starving yourself.

Country-Style Smashed Potato Salad — This potato salad recipe is devilishly good, thanks to the addition of hard-cooked eggs and MIRACLE WHIP. Serve this up at your next potluck for an easy & delicious side dish.

Taboulé met groenten en feta

De frisse variant van de koude schotel. Lekker gevuld met pasta, groenten…

Duitse aardappelsalade

At a national potato salad contest I judged last summer, every entrant claimed to have the "best" recipe. After sampling more varieties than I can remember, I came to the obvious conclusion that taste is truly a matter of personal opinion.

Aardappelsalade met yoghurtdressing

That dude Tom is a fan of Matt Preston is no big secret so today - as an ode to mr Preston himself - he has made this fabulous potato salad.