Crab apple butter is an amazing thing. It is like a thick, sweet apple sauce that is used as a condiment. It can be used in a sandwich or on toast.

Slow Cooker Crab Apple Butter

Crab apples are edible and a great fruit to use in desserts such as crab apple crisp!

Crab Apple Crisp

Crab Apple Crazy - A Collection of Recipes | PreparednessMama

Crab Apple Pie Filling

Crab Apple Bread Recipe >> so scrumptious! I added 1Tbsp of cinnamon (we love cinnamon :) and 1tsp of nutmeg into dry ingredient. Also soaked apple pieces in lemon water while chopping up crab apples to prevent discoloration. Crabapple pieces in the bread came out tart and sweet. Very moist! NOTE to myself.... do not reduce sugar. 1 cup is perfect for tart crabapples
Crabapples:  27 recipes  "A crab apple is simply a very small apple, 2 inches or less in diameter when fully ripe. If you like sour apples, you will probably enjoy eating crab apples without any sweeteners - although it's true that some varieties are more sour than others."
An easy recipe for crabapple jelly- if I ever lose my mind and decide I must have crabapple jelly

An easy recipe for crabapple jelly

crabapples + vodka + sugar or honey = homemade goodness in about 30 days.
Crab apple jelly is absolutely delicious AND easy to make. Here's how to make crab apple jelly.
Crab apple leathers

Nab some crab apples

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Honey Cinnamon Crabapple

Several years ago, a good friend gave me a bottle of her father's crab apple liqueur for Christmas. I loved it!   When we moved into the n...
crab apple brandy to drink - follow image link to recipe
Crabby Butter! What to do with all those crab apples? Make this "butter" it is a little time consuming but well worth the effort to use fruit that would normally be thrown out.
Crab Apple recipes

Colorado Crab Apple Queen shares her recipes

Crock-Pot Apple Butter Recipe from So delicious, easy and made with only apples and cinnamon!

Healthy 2 Ingredient Crock Pot Apple Butter