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Finding the sweet spot in your kick drum and bass fundamental frequencies.
EQ tips Cheat Sheet from fredv. Tips for equalization. By frequency, by instrument with a glossary.
I remember when Bulldog was first launched in the UK; Gerry’s in Old Compton Street had a display full of these unusual, smokey, purple-grey glass bottles. This was back in October 2006* and, since...

Cocktails with… Bulldog Gin

Kick-Drum-EQ.png (1156×696)
Pineapple-Habanero Hot Sauce - Chili Pepper Madness

Pineapple-Habanero Hot Sauce

5 Ways To Create Depth Without Reverb
If Everything Was Sci-Fi by Filip Hodas. "The Prague-based artist makes his creations almost appear hyperreal, or a time-traveling example of what Earth may appear like in the year 3000." | Juxtapoz

If Everything Was Sci-Fi: Filip Hodas

Looks like my Baxley grl. I want another one
Busky  #Husky+beagle
Homemade Taco Seasoning

Homemade Taco Seasoning