Pick the flatest side of the rock when landscaping edging Front yard- driveway and/or front planter.

Garden edging ideas add an important landscape touch. Find practical, affordable and good looking edging ideas to compliment your landscaping.

Up Your Curb Appeal: 5 No Fail Tips | Budget friendly ideas that anyone can do! #spon

Up Your Curb Appeal: 5 No Fail Tips

If your gardening goal is to have as little maintenance as possible, you would be wise to plant hostas, sometimes referred to as a plantain lily. Here are a few facts that, if you need a little convincing,.

How to stop weeds naturally in walkways and rocky borders

Stopping Weeds Naturally in Existing Walkways and Borders

If your yard is anything like mine, right now it is teeming with abundant plant life – in other words, weeds. And if you are anything like me, words like herbicide or Roundup make you cringe. For years, I have used the fail-safe method of dealing with wee

DIY concrete landscape borders, BRILLIANT and soooooo easy!

DIY Concrete Landscape Edging

DIY concrete landscape borders, BRILLIANT and soooooo easy! What an easy way to stop the yard from mating with the flowerbed.

Easy-to-Update Potted Border

50 Brilliant Front Garden and Landscaping Projects You'll Love

Landscape border - really like the combination of rocks...adds texture and layered look.

Layered rock border ~ This really looks attractive as a border for a flowerbed. on the way to side yard

Maybe use river rocks to replace the crappy-looking lilies?

More Garden Edging: 9 Creative Ideas

River rock drainage beside lower patio Haynie Residents - contemporary - landscape - san luis obispo - Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Landscape Border River Rock & Mulch

Landscape Border River Rock & Mulch - for along drive where winter salt kills the grass anyway