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Wildlife under threat from Asia's poaching crisis – in pictures

9. Javan slow loris (Nycticebus javanicus) Ranking high on the cute-and-cuddly scale, slow lorises have long been in demand as exotic pets. Today, severe and persistent poaching of the critically endangered Javan slow loris from the wild has resulted in a dramatic population decline of at least 80 percent over the past few decades. The only venomous primates found in nature, poachers cut or remove their teeth, a process that almost invariably leads to the animal’s death. This species is ...


On April 9 the Duke Lemur Center welcomed two new Pygmy Slow Loris twins to mother Loris, Sovanni. The Duke Lemur is the foremost prosimian research and advocacy center and sanctuary. Prosimians are primitive primates that include lemurs, lorises, bushbabies and tarsiers.

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This Cute Little Creature Can Kill You With A Cat Allergen

The slow loris is one of the few venomous mammals on earth, and the only venomous primate. It has one of the oddest venom-creation methods in the world. And it kills you much the same way your cat would (if he could).

Little pigmy slow loris twins born at Duke Lemur Center


Master has given Dobby a popcorn

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Slow loris has teeth ripped out after being used for tourist selfies

Lorises are the only truly venomous primate, with a toxic bite that can cause severe injury and pain.

Slow lorises are the only venomous primate. They produce venom from their elbows photo by the Duke Lemur Center. (via @qikipedia) #slowlorisfacts

Whenever anyone feels bad ever they should watch this clip: Slow Loris Eating Rice ball


Slow Loris eating Banana. If I could have any animal it might have to be this little guy.


SOLD Baby Slow Loris Poseable Fantasy Art-Doll by RikerCreatures