Leerbewerking technieken

Leren armband
Faux Leather Technique for Paper - Learn Something New! - The Graphics Fairy
Basic Leather Carving tutorial of how to do each part.
3D leather technique. Crescent shaped cutter in very even spacing then lifted out to dry.
Men’s Leather Shaving and Toiletries Roll Case | Divina Denuevo
Hand Stitching - YouTube
Leather is Better: Making a Four-Part Round Braid
women handbag shapes
Leather can be dished much like steel, but non-ferrous hammers and dishing forms must be used to avoid staining the leather. Soak the leather in a glue solution of 1 part Titebond III to 10 parts water, then bake at low temperature (180-200 degrees Fahrenheit), checking every 15 minutes until it becomes rigid and mostly dry.
VanHook & Co.: Molding a Leather Handbag
Old Path: Simple leather press for Vic sheath making.
A leather worker painting the edge of a piece of leather which will go on to be part of the iconic Birkin bag.
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См "Рождение рыбы," работа, оригинальный размер: 509x900
T-shirt transfer paper on leather, maybe toes of ballet flats.
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