After using this exfoliating scrub and shaving, my legs were the softest and smoothest they've EVER felt. No kidding! You need to try this one for yourself.

How To Make A Simple Exfoliating Scrub For Your Smoothest Legs Ever

Seriously the best thing for soft, smooth legs, armpit, whatever you want to use it on! I tried it tonight, and I have never felt my skin so soft!

And it (t)works

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DIY silky smooth legs - salt and sugar scrub.: DIY silky smooth legs - salt and sugar scrub.

Get the silkiest legs ever with this super easy DIY leg scrub!

DIY Silky Legs Scrub

This DIY silky legs scrub uses only 3 ingredients to give you the smoothest, silkiest skin you've ever had.

Life hacks

Make an Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub

Best secret to super smooth legs: shave, then use an olive oil/sugar scrub, shave again . It will get off dead skin you didn't realize was even there. Directions on making olive oil/sugar scrub too.

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How to Make Your Own Anti Cellulite Scrub

This cellulite erasing coffee scrub can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and reveal healthier, firmer skin in just minutes.

I use this scrub the day before I'm planning to shave my legs. Makes a world of difference! Legs are so smooth.

# Beautytip: prepared at home a wonderful body scrub Mix honey + olive oil + brown sugar and apply with gentle circular motions all over the body. Remove it with water

This healing foot scrub will soothe feet with all-natural ingredients

Pampering Peppermint Foot Scrub

Makes 1 cup cup white cup coconut drops peppermint essential tsp dried herbs such as mint, lavender, chamomile, or use contents of mint tea bag