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Snorkel with the Leopard Sharks Leopard sharks flock to La Jolla’s warm and shallow waters during the summer.

The leopard shark greets the technician with a hug before getting into position to have its belly rubbed

Leopard shark rolls over like a dog and has its belly rubbed

A leopard shark channelled its inner puppy when it interrupted a technician going about his job at the aquarium and rolled over to receive a belly rub.

Saw some Leopard Sharks while swimming at Hermosa Beach, CA. Also saw a Bat Ray and Barracuda. Going to have to return to this beach again! And bring snorkeling gear.

In grade I once got to pet a leopard shark that looked just like this. We also got to pet manta rays and take pictures and it was cool! Lol this reminded me of it!

oceansoftheworld: (Photo found here) Zebra shark (see this post) via Tumblr

oceansoftheworld: “ (Photo found here) Zebra shark (see this post) ”

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